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Step-by-Step Guide for A Successful Epson Printer Installation

After buying, an Epson Printer installation is the first thing you need. Irrespective of the operating system, Epson printers come with versatile compatibility features that guarantee effortless installation. Here is a stepwise guide towards a successful Epson printer installation for the first time.

Before anything else ensure to connect the Epson printer to a network so that it is discoverable on your computer. The installation process depends on whether your computer operates on Mac or Windows operating systems.

For Windows, first, turn the printer button on. Visit the official website for Epson where you will get a host of drivers such as the Epson workforce pro wf 3640 drivers. Once here, click on the download and install option. Your interface will prompt you to select the Windows version for the Epson utility printer setup.

The next process takes you to the end-user license agreement. Click on the agree button to ensure compliance with all legal and technical details of the installation process. After agreeing, click on the install. Interestingly, while the installation process is underway, you can click back and review your Epson workforce pro wf 3640 drivers settings or any other driver. Equally, you can click on the cancel option if you wish to exit the installation wizard.

If you proceed to install, your interface will prompt you to choose among the menu products and then click next. Specify your Epson printer registration details and click next. Agree with the terms spelled out and proceed to hit the OK button when you spot “register a printer to Epson connect”. After the process, you can choose to log back with a new Epson account or with your already registered account.

Mac computer Epson driver installation is not rocket science. Initiate the process by turning your printer on. Like in Windows, visit the Epson official website. Click on the download and installation section for Mac computers. The setup utility installation will begin instantly.

Continue and agree with the technical and legal terms for the end-user. 

Go ahead to install and then hit the close button. Select your printer from the list and click next. Look at your printers’ registration, and then click Next. Hit the OK button to finalize the process. Go through the drop-down page for terms and accept. Click on the close and your printer’s drivers will successfully be compatible with your Mac Book.

Nonetheless, Epson optimum functionality will depend on whether drivers are working properly or not. Always make sure your printer drivers are up to date. The process towards this destination is either automatic or manual.

For a manual process, end to the Epson official webpage or the support page. Match your printer with the list provided and look out for drivers compatible with your operating system. Download all those drivers to your machine. Double-click the file you have just downloaded and then follow the screen instructions on your interface for a successful installation.

If you think the above process is tedious and cumbersome, the automatic path is available. The driver easy application will automatically filter the right drivers for your printer compatibility. Drivers installed this way can be updated using two methods. There is the free mode update via Driver Easy or through the Driver Easy Pro Version. The latter is friendlier and efficient, as within double clicks you will be fine home with the installation process. The Pro version, however, comes at a price.

Either way, getting your Epson printer installed into your computer is an easy process that demands a keen follower of screen instructions and prompts.