Day: July 14, 2020

Quality Insulation For Energy Savings

One of the unique abilities of spray foams is getting into small cracks and crevices. Once the foam is applied directly into the cracks, it quickly expands and dries while blocking air and water.

Installing spray foam is easy to do and can improve a building or home’s energy efficiency and thermal resistance. Are you searching for an affordable closed cell foam insulation in New Orleans? You can call Star Foam Insulation, Their closed-cell foam is so efficient that foam applied inside of wall cavities will provide an insulation value!

Which Should I Choose?

You are trying to decide what type of foam you should use for your jobs? It’s trickier than it seems – though closed cell and open cell foam insulate a home, they do it in different ways. Examine open-cell vs. closed-cell foam, and help you pick the best product for your project.

  • Closed Cell, Fast
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