Day: June 24, 2020

A Detailed Guide to CodeGuard Backups

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Backups are the lifeline of websites. In the online world, a website is one of the most important digital assets since it represents your business. Online threats like hackers, viruses, etc. are always on the hunt for sites with vulnerabilities. While most site owners deploy the latest security tools and take comprehensive measures to keep these attacks at bay, if one gets through, your site’s data can be at great risk. However, if you have a comprehensive backup process in place, then you can be assured of having the latest running version of your website on hand at all times. 

Most site owners think that the backups provided by their hosting server providers are sufficient and that they don’t need more backups. However, they are probably unaware of the fact that the hosting providers usually store backups on the same server as the original files. Hence, if the server experiences … Read More