Dating Will Get You In A Happy Zone

Often we get overly comfortable in our relationships and that little sense of insecurity that one would expect from their partner just vanishes. If your partner constantly behaves like he is 100 percent secure, it can make you wonder whether or not he really cares about you and if he is afraid of losing you. Giving your partner a little bit of a jolt can help bring the spontaneity and energy back in your dating relationship. Here are tips on how to make him worry about losing you.

Reduce The Amount Of Time You Spend With Him

If you’re going to give him all your time, you aren’t really giving him the chance to miss you. If you want immediate effects, you need to considerably reduce the amount of time you spend with him. Meet him less, take time to respond back to texts, call him back at your convenience. All these things will make him wonder what’s going on at your end and may give him that much needed jolt.

Avoid Showing Your Eagerness

If you start displaying an eagerness to meet him, spend time with him and just about do everything with him, he will begin to feel a little claustrophobic. Men work differently from women and they often require a little bit of space to do “guy” things. You need to be calm, composed and every now and then show a little bit of indifference. This will make him start worrying that he is losing you.

Start Hanging Out With Friends Again

When you get into a relationship, you often tend to fall out of touch with your close friends. This is one of the unhealthiest things that you can do for yourself and your relationship. Get back in touch with those old friends and get out for a night out on the town with them. If you have some close male friends that will be even better as it will jolt your boyfriend out of his comfort zone and make him start working harder towards your relationship. His competitive side and subtle insecurities may emerge and he will fear to lose you.

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