These Robot dog Dogs Are Amazing

We all knew that there would always be a little robot dogs who we could talk to. Today we have a small robot dog who wants to make friends. The robot dog is designed for all ages and comes with an impressive Artificial Intelligence engine that makes it more than just a gadget.

The robot dog is capable of remembering all minor details about the owner and understanding and learning more about the owner. This robot dog can also be used as a smart home controller. The main aim for this robot dog is however to be your friend.

There are a number of add on packs that one can purchase with this robot dog based on their needs. Developers can modify the robot dog the way they like with accelerometers and other modules. There are also a number of add ons available that can help children in enhancing their vocabulary, reading skills and more.

This is not a mobile bot and was initially designed as a music robot dog. It used an engine designed robot dog that was built for pure entertainment. This engine was created to help tutor people with English lessons. This robot dog is one of the first that will hit the markets with an aim to help owners with a number of things, mainly conversations. As of now, the robot dog comes with some basic features which can keep users entertained. This robot dog is set to bring a lot of happiness into people’s lives. A number of people have begun prebooking the brand new robot dog and they have also made sure that they get one for their children and loved ones as well. It makes for the perfect birthday or holiday gift and is capable of entertaining everyone.

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